Ch. Jazzberry's Say You Say Me, ROM
By MBISS Ch. Kizmar's Fabulous Friday, ROM and
BIS BISS Am/Int'l Ch. Lady Jazzberry of Brazenrock, JH ,RN
DOB:  November 2, 2005
Registration: SR29771103
Breeders: Debbie Baker, Donna Yakel, Shirley Yakel and Valerie Smith
Owners: Jenna Iacobellis, Karen Iacobellis & Debbie Baker
OFA: VZ-10583
DNA: V478108  / Cardiac: VZ-CA246/53F/C-PI
CERF: VZ-979
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Jazzberry Vizslas
Sophie's East Coast Tour 2007
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New Brunswick Kennel Club, March 23  - Best of Breed
New Brunswick Kennel Club, March 24 - Best of Breed
Trap Falls Kennel Club, April 6 - Best of Breed
Troy Kennel Club, April 7 - Best of Breed
Great Barrington Kennel Club, April 8 - Best of Breed
Providence County Kennel Club, April 14 -
Best of Breed
Rhode Island Kennel Club, April 16 - Best of Breed
Chester Valley Kennel Club, May 12 - Best of Breed
Ladies Kennel Association of America, May 19 - Best of Breed
Staten Island Kennel Club, May 25 - Best of Breed
Monmouth County Kennel Club, May 26 -
Best of Breed
Plainfield Kennel Club, May 27 - Best of Breed
Union County Kennel Club, May 28 - Best of Breed
Burlington County Kennel Club, June 3 - Best of Breed
Vizsla Club of Greater NY Supported Entry, June 8 - Best of Breed
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty, June 9 - Award of Merit
Miami Valley Vizsla Club Specialty, June 15 - Best of Opposite Sex
Miami Valley Vizsla Club Supported, June 16 - Best of Opposite Sex
Naugatuck Valley Kennel Club, July 8 - Best of Breed
Nita Nee Kennel Club, July 21 - Best of Breed
Providence County Kennel Club, July 28 - Best of Breed
Perkiomen Valley Kennel Club, August 4 - Best of Breed
Hunterdon Hills Kennel Club, August 5 -
Best of Breed
Vizsla Club of Northern NJ Specialty, September 8 - Award of Merit
Vizsla Club of Greater NY Specialty, September 9 -
Award of Merit
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club, September 15 - Best of Breed
Berks County Kennel Club, September 16 - Best of Breed
Ox Ridge Kennel Club, September 22 -
Best of Breed
Northwestern CT Kennel Club, September 23 - Best of Breed
Warrenton Kennel Club, September 28 -
Best of Breed / Group 4
Old Dominion KC of No. Virginia, September 30 - Best of Breed
Devon Dog Show Association, October 6 - Best of Breed
Palisades Kennel Club, October 13 -
Best of Breed
Vizsla Club of America National Events, October 20 - Award of Merit
~ America's Number Eight Vizsla in 2007 ~
*Canine Chronicle Breed Stats December 2007
She has a lot to SAY!
Daughter of the Youngest Best In Show & Best In Specialty Show Winning Vizsla
Granddaughter of Best In Show and Best In Specialty Show Winning
Calla" & "Eve"
A Special Thank You to Linda Hachtel, Linmar Vizslas, for this awesome photo!!!
Meet Sophie's  Kids:
(With Kipper - "The Eights")

(With Hank - "The Specials")
Sophie with children Nikko & Lily
Best in Sweepstakes Winner
Specialty Best of Winners
Group Placing
Mulitple Specialty Best of Opposite Sex Winner
Multiple Specialty Award of Merit Winner
Vizsla Club of America Award of Merit Recipient
A Top Ten Vizsla
VCA Registry of Merit Recipient