News and Brags in 2010
December 2010:
December 19, 2010:     Closing out the year, Cayanne grabs another two points towards her GCh. title
today at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club!!!

December 18, 2010:     
Cayanne puts the finishing touches on 2010 and earns Best of Opposite at the
Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club, putting herself within single points of her Grand Championship Title!

December 5, 2010:    
Kyanne is the sole sibling representing today, as Thomas and Bob battle the
snowstorm back to Minnesota!
Kyanne goes Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex, making her
undefeated for the weekend!

December 4, 2010:     The siblings do it again today at the Edwardsville IL Kennel Club!
Thomas is
Winners Dog and Kyanne is Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex!

December 3, 2010:     Siblings
Kyanne and Thomas attend the Gateway Sporting Dog Association in Illinois
Kyanne earns Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite and Thomas is awarded Best of Winners!!
Way to go kids!!

November 2010:
November 26, 2010:     Fly does a little "shopping" of his own on Black Friday, and picks up ribbons for
Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex today for a MAJOR win!!! Way to go Fly &

November 20, 2010:     
Enzo makes a one-day appearance at the famous Kennel Club of Philadelphia dog
show and scores another point towards his Championship - launching him into double-digit status!

November 14, 2010:     
Fly repeats yesterday's performance and is awarded Winners Dog, Best of
and Best of Opposite Sex at the Furniture City Kennel Club show!

November 13, 2010:     
Fly & Kimmie pull a brother-sister Winners duo - each earning another point
towards their Championship at the Furniture City Kennel Club show!

November 7, 2010:    We are proud to introduce our second
Junior Hunter this month - Nikko!!
Ch. Jazzberry On The Eighth Day, JH!! Nikko and Tony earned their fourth consecutive leg today at the
Nutmeg Weimaraner Hunt Test in Simsbury, CT!! We are so proud of you guys!! Also,
Enzo repeats his
performance from yesterday, going
Winners Dog and Best of Winners for another point towards his

November 6, 2010:     
Hank's kids Kimmie,  Enzo and Fly have a mini-family reunion in Bloomsburg, PA.
Enzo goes Winners Dog and Best of Winners for another two points and sister Kimmie wins the Bred By
class and goes
Reserve. Way to go kiddies!

October 2010:
October 31, 2010:     Nikko hunts it up on Halloween and earns himself another Junior Hunter leg at the
Delaware Valley German Wirehaired Pointer Hunt Test! Way to got Nikko and Tony!!

October 24, 2010:     Keeping the news
ORANGE, Nikko earns his second Junior Hunter leg today under
the expert handling of his daddy and owner Tony Russo!! Way to go boys!!

October 23, 2010:     Proudly introducing the newest titled KaraJen kid - KaraJen's Cowboy Take Me Away,
JH!! Lana completed her Junior Hunter title today with her fourth consecutive Q! Many thanks to our friend
(and Lana's
best friend), Mike Blanchard, for his guidance, training and expertise!  

September 2010:
September 29 - October 1:     Vizsla Club of America National Specialty Events - Oconomowoc, WI
Click HERE to read about our successes!!

September 26, 2010:    Finishing up the weekend on a high note, "
Missouri Kyanne" keeps it close to
home and adds another win and point to her record - going
Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at the St.
Louis Breeders Association show!

September 25, 2010:    Continuing the kids' pre-Nationals warm-up, sister
Kyanne earns the Purple today,
Winners Bitch for another point towards her Championship!

September 24, 2010:     Hank's son,
Caleb jumps on the scoreboard, going Winners Dog and Best of
Opposite Sex
at the Spirit of the Heartland Kennel Club!

September 19, 2010:     "
MK" or, "Missouri Kyanne" does it again - Winners Bitch at Day 2 of the Three
Rivers Kennel Club!

September 18, 2010:     "
Missouri Kyanne" attends a weekend of shows in her "home state" and earns
another point towards her Championship at the Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri!

September 11, 2010:    
Vizsla Club of Northern New Jersey Specialty
Enzo and Libby both win first place in their classes... Not to be outdone by Miss Lily - who wins a
competitive Bred-By Exhibitor class and goes on to earn
Reserve Winners Bitch! Cousin Cayanne flies
herself around the Specials ring and among several top contenders, is chosen as
Select Bitch and garners a
Judge's Award of Merit!

September 10, 2010:    Libby wins the heart of England's Judge, Frank Kane, and gaits off with another
major today at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club! At ten and a half months old, and in five shows,
Libby has
three major wins! We are so proud of Libby-licious!

September 9, 2010:    
 Big Apple Sporting Dog Association
Hank's daughter, Libby, makes her second (weekend) appearance on the dog show scene and captures
Winners Bitch for her second major, Best in Sweepstakes and a Puppy Sporting Group Second! Many
thanks to Judges Larry Berg, Dr. Alan Santos and Clay Coady for your complimentary words and for making
this day so memorable!

September 6, 2010:     
Trina makes it two for two, going Winners Bitch again for another point at the
Schooley's Mountain Kennel Club! Congats to Iva Fisher,
Cameo Vizslas!!

September 5, 2010:     Trina makes her way to New Jersey and grabs a point going Winners Bitch and
Best of Winners at the Sussex Hills Kennel Club!

September 4, 2010:    
Nikko takes a weekend off from his Rally training and plays in the Specials ring -
garnering a
Select Award and two points towards his Grand Championship Title!

August 2010:
August 22, 2010:     Fly and Karen take a little trip South and pick up another point at the Carolina Kennel

August 8, 2010:     Happy 2nd Birthday to
Sophie & Kipper's lucky "Eight" kids - Lily, Nikko, Meili, Sage
& Rhys - born on 8.8.08!! And,
Cayanne does a little celebrating of her own today, being honored as Best
f Breed and later awarded a Sporting Group Two at the Hunterdon Hills Kennel Club under Judges
Michael Manning and Sue Goldberg! Way to go Pep!!!

June 2010:
June 27, 2010:     And, closing out June with a bang, Thomas completes his weekend undefeated, earning
another two-points today in MN! At just eight months of age,
Thomas has nine points and a major! Way to go
Team Thomas!! We are so very proud!

June 26, 2010:     
Sleepy Hollow German Shorthaired Pointer Club Specialty
wins the Open Dog class and is selected as Reserve Winners Dog! In news from the Mid-West,
Thomas repeats yesterday's performance, but scores a MAJOR win today in MN!! Congrats to Bob, Dianne &
Deb Pedersen,
Jakra Vizslas, on Thomas' BIG win!

June 25, 2010:   
  Thomas returns to the ring after a few weeks va-cay and grabs another two-points towards
his Championship!

June 20, 2010:     "Missouri
Kyanne" makes her Daddy Hank proud today, and in honor of Father's Day,
brings home
Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Breed her first weekend out!

June 16, 2010:     One day prior to her eight-month birthday,
Hank's daughter Libby accomplishes yet
another feat - her
Canine Good Citizen Title (CGC)!! Way to go Freddy and Libby! We are so proud of

June 13, 2010:    
 Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club - Supported Entry
Day Three of the circuit and Libby adds another accolade to her list - Best Puppy in Sweepstakes and Best
in Sweepstakes
!!! Thank you to Judge Elaine Lessig for this honor! Not to be outdone, half-sister Cayanne
adds some trophies too when she was awarded
Best of Opposite Sex and earned a four-point major
towards her Grand Championship title! What a weekend!

June 12, 2010:     
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty
Libby exhibits another stellar performance, today going Reserve Winners Bitch to the five-point major
Best Puppy under Breeder/Judge Pluis Davern, Poppyhill Vizslas. And Nikko debuts in another venue
of his own, and earns the first leg of his
Rally Novice (RN) title!!! Way to go Lore and Nikko!!

June 11, 2010:     
Vizsla Club of Greater New York - Supported Entry
Proudly introducing our newest Superstar - the Best Puppy in Show Winning Brazenrock Who's That Girl!
Hank's daughter Libby debuts today and is selected as Winners Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Puppy
under Judge Janice Provenzano for a MAJOR!
Libby then advances to the Puppy Group and WINS the
Group! The
Best in Show line-up was a stiff one, but not for Libby... She stole the show! Thank you to Judges
Janice Provenzano, Carol Ceneviva, and Barbara Pepper for recognizing and rewarding this Superstar
puppy on her first day out!

June 4, 2010:     
Thomas is back in the Winners Circle today! Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the
Fargo-Moorhead Kennel Club putting him on the board with two-points towards his Championship!! Way to
Thomas and Deb!!

May 2010:
May 30, 2010:     What a day turns into what a WEEKEND!! Cayanne shows her heart out and is awarded
Best of Breed at the Plainfield Kennel Club among an entry of Top Vizslas! She also earns two more points
towards her Grand Championship Title. Out West,
Thomas completes his debut weekend with Reserve
Winners Dog
to the five-point major! And, Misty captures the hearts of many and is selected as Winners
at the Eastern German Shorthaired Pointer Supported show! Many congrats to Frank, Barb & family on
Misty's phenomenal debut!

May 29, 2010:     What a day! At 5+ years old, my alphabet soup dog,
Pele' revisits the show scene in search
of yet another title, and earns the
Select Award and a four-point major towards his Grand Championship
Title! Miss
Lana goes West and hunts her way to her third consecutive Junior Hunter Leg along with her
best friend, Mike! And,
Cayanne is chosen for the Select Award, and earns two-points towards her Grand
Championship Title!

May 28, 2010:     
Hank's son, Thomas, makes his debut at the Twin Cities Vizsla Club's Specialty show, and
gaits away with the
Best in Sweepstakes award, selected from a large group of tough competitors!
Congrats to Dianne, Ron, Chris, Judy & Bob, and many thank you's to
Thomas' superb trainer & handler,
Deb Pedersen,
Jakra Vizslas!

May 23, 2010:     And, he makes it a clean sweep!! Three days, three
Winners Dog awards, and three more
points towards his Championship!! Way to go
Enzo!! And huge congrats to Anne, Michael and Karen!! Many
thanks to Michelle for being my trusted handling partner!

May 22, 2010:    
 Enzo does it again, Winners Dog at the Ladies Kennel Association of America!!

May 21, 2010:     
Hank's son Enzo gaits his way to another win - Winners Dog and Best of Winners today
under Breeder/Judge Bud McGivern,
Bowcot Vizslas!

May 8, 2010:     Elsa puts her mark on the board today, going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a
three-point major!!! Congrats to Elsa's daddy, Doug, on her major win!

May 1, 2010:     
Fly does it again! Winners Dog for another point at the Wilmington Kennel Club!! Way to

April 2010
April 25, 2010:     The color of the weekend = ORANGE!! Nikko runs in his first hunt test and qualifies today
with owner/handler Tony Russo!! And,
Lana gives it another run (today, handled by me!) and earns another
leg towards her
Junior Hunter title!! Lana hunted her heart out - receiving three 10's and a 9! So close to a
perfect score!!

April 24, 2010:     
Lana gives it a run in the bird field and earns her first Junior Hunter Leg today!! Many
thanks to our friend, Mike Blanchard for his guidance and instruction!!

April 19, 2010:   
  Fly, Hank's son/clone, wins Winners Dog at the Harrisburg Kennel Club!!

March 2010
March 21, 2010:     Sophie's daughter, Meili (aka Macy), gives it a run in the field and earns her first Junior
Hunter Leg

March 20, 2010:     
Schuylkill Valley German Shorthaired Specialty
shows like a superstar and is awarded Reserve Winners Dog!!
Cali and Susan take a road trip to Kentucky where Cali earns her NA Title!! Congratulations Susan and
Cali! She is now Ch. Renaissance Calamity Jane, NAJ, NA!!

February 2010
February 29, 2010:     Enzo does it again!! Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a three-point major
today at the International Kennel Club in Chicago! Way to go Anne, Kathy, Karen and Enzo! What a fun
family affair!

February 27. 2010:     Hank's son,
Enzo, and Mommy Anne take a road trip to the "Windy City" and have a
truck load of prizes to bring back to the Island! Today,
Enzo grabs Reserve Winners Dog, Best Puppy and
Puppy Sporting Group Three!! Many thanks to Enzo's wonderful escort for the weekend, Kathy
JNEK Vizslas!! Way to go guys!!

February 14, 2010:   
  Vizsla Club of Long Island - Supported Entry
Hank's son, Enzo, debuts this weekend, winning his class each day and is awarded Reserve Winners Dog
(or Reserve Hot Dog, as his Mommy calls it) today!! Way to go Enzo!!!

February 13, 2010:    
 Vizsla Club of Greater New York - Specialty
The very special dream team - Corinne and Nikko - are presented with a Best in Junior Showmanship
award!! Way to go Connie & Nikks!

February 12, 2010:     
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty
Lily earns her second specialty major today, going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for four points
under Judge David Kittredge!! A special thank you to Lindsay Fetters, who beautifully escorted
L.I.L. to her
Best of Winners honor!

February 11, 2010:      
Big Apple Sporting Dog Association - Supported Entry
Cayanne "moves" herself right into a Best of Opposite award at today's show, supported by the Vizsla Club
of Long Island. Thank you to Judge David Swartwood for this honor!

January 2010
January 30, 2010:     The little Libby-bug tries out her show-dog skills at the Canine Learning Experience
today, and proves that she can run with the big dogs! At just a Vizsla hair over 3 months old,
Libby struts away with a Best of Breed and a Puppy Group Four!!! Way to go lil' Lib! You made
ALL of us SO proud!!

January 23, 2010:     
Hank's son, Enzo, is the first to bring in big news for the New Year!! Making his
baby-debut on Long Island,
Enzo sampled the dog show scene and stole the show! Beautifully trained and
handled by Michelle Porfido,
Rhapsody Vizslas, this dynamic duo walked away with a Puppy Sporting
Group ONE
, and advanced on to win BEST PUPPY IN MATCH!!! Go Enzo!! Huge congrats to Enzo's
parents, Anne & Mike and to Enzo's breeder, Karen Brown,
Krown's Vizslas! Many thanks to our friend
Michelle for your hard-work and superb handling skills!!
The KaraJen Kids 2010 Highlights:
*New Junior Hunters* Lana & Nikko
*Specialty Best of Winners* Lily
*Group Placer* Cayanne
*Multiple Best in Sweepstakes Winners* Libby & Thomas
*Best Puppy in Show Winner* Libby
*Major Award Winners* Lily, Enzo, Fly, Thomas & Libby
*Vizsla Club of America National Specialty Best In Sweepstakes Winner* Libby
*Vizsla Club of America National Specialty - Reserve Winners Bitch Winner* Libby
*Best Puppy in Match Winner* Enzo
*Multiple Specialty Award of Merit & Best of Opposite Sex Winner* Cayanne
*Vizsla Club of America National Specialty - Award of Merit Winner* Cayanne
*Canine Good Citizen* Libby
*Hank's kids debuted and pointed in the ring*
Fly, Kimmie, Enzo, Thomas, Caleb, Libby & Kyanne
*ONLY Sire of Multiple 1st Place Class Winners at VCA National Specialty*
Enzo, Libby & Kyanne (sired by Hank)