News and Brags in 2009
As for 2009, we look forward to the New Year with much anticipation!!
and Cayanne will continue to earn points towards their Championship - and hope to do so in GRAND style as they
have in the past!!
Sophie's kids, Lily and Nikko, will make their debut in the show ring! All five kids, including Lana, will
continue to hunt birds and potentially add some letters to their name!
Rowdy's children will begin their show career and
we look forward to watching them shine!!
Hank has a potential lady-friend in mind, and I myself will have the honor to
exhibit a
very special lady!!! We also hope to have a few new Champions outside of the Vizsla world, as well as a few
wonderful up-and-coming Vizsla stars!!!
Stay tuned!!
January 2009:
January 31, 2009:     Making our show debut together, Panda captures the eye of Judge Richard William
Powell and is selected as
Winners Bitch at the Boardwalk Kennel Club!

January 24, 2009:     Lily debuts at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club's Puppy Sweepstakes and is awarded
FIRST PRIZE in her 3-6 month age group!!!

January 17, 2009:    Remington debuts at the Schooley's Mountain Match show and is awarded a Puppy
Sporting Group First
under Breeder/Judge Steve Ware!! Additionally, Zsoli also makes his debut and earns
Adult Sporting Group One!!

January 16, 2009:    Rowdy's daughter Echo is the first to report a brag this year, after earning her first
point at the Carroll County Kennel Club show!!
February 2009:
February 28, 2009:     The dynamic duo take home the bacon!! Remington and Panda earn top honors
today, going
Winners Dog and Winners Bitch!! Panda takes Best of Winners, each earning two more
points towards their Championship!!

Febuary 22, 2008:     Panda continues her Winning Ways this weekend and again earns Winners Bitch and
Best of Winners under Judge Bob Indeglia!! Thank you to Judge Indeglia for your recognizing this young star,
and for your flattering consideration!! And, Happy Birthday to
Rowdy, who turns five today!!! We love you

February 21, 2008:     Debuting at his first all-breed show, Nikko steals the heart of Judge Nathaniel Horn
and is awarded
Winners Dog and Best of Winners for a THREE POINT MAJOR!!! Huge Congrats to
Nikko's wonderful owner-handler, Corinne Russo - who handled Nikko to perfection - on such a fantastic
win!!! You made us ALL so very proud!! Also today,
Panda is selected as the judge's favorite "gal" and earns
Winners Bitch and Best of Winners under Judge Larry Berg!!

Feburary 8, 2009:     Long Island Vizsla Club Specialty
One new champion this weekend was not enough, so we had to add another!! Introducing KaraJen's very FIRST
home-bred Champion, Ch. KaraJen's Put Me In, Coach!!!
Hank created an unforgettable memory today when
he was selected as
Winners Dog for his last points under Judge Linda More!! I am so proud of Hanky and thank
you to everyone who made him possible!!! My sincere gratitude to Corinne Russo,
Trinity Vizslas, for escorting
Hank to his Best of Winners honor today and for handling him to perfection, once again!!

February 6, 2009:     Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty
Proudly introducing NEW CHAMPION Brazenrock Causin' A Commotion!!! Cayanne wow's Judge Judith
Goodin and is awarded
Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for her final points!! Thank you to my dear
friends Freddy and Linda Hachtel,
Linmar Vizslas, and to Dianne Kramlich, Brazenrock Vizslas for allowing me
to be part of Team
Cayanne!! And of course congratulations to Chris and Judy, and to Kathy and Hudson!! It
has been an AWESOME ride this past year!!!
Additionally today, BISS Ch. Artisan's Moonstruck Beauty, more commonly known as
Luna, shines in the
spotlight and is awarded
Best of Opposite Sex chosen from a field of several lovely specials!! Thank you to
Linda and John Furey, and to Joan and Mark Toepke,
Artisan Vizslas for allowing me the honor to show the very
special Tuna!
Photos to come!

February 5, 2009:    Big Apple Sporting Dog Association
Little Miss Spitfire Cayanne gaits her way to another major, going Winners Bitch under Judge Bud
March 2009:
March 29, 2009:     Cayanne participates in the Vizsla Club of Greater New York's Spring Hunt Test and
earns her second
Junior Hunter Leg!!

March 21, 2009:     Baby Nikko continues his Winning Ways and is awarded Winners Dog, Best of
and Best Puppy today at the New Brunswick Kennel Club!! Many thanks to Judge David Kittredge
for this honor and for his kind words!! We're sorry though -
Nikko cannot go home with you! (haha!)

March 15, 2009:     Vizsla Club of Central New England Supported Entry
Lily and Nikko go head to head again in the Sweepstakes circle, this time Lily is awarded Best in
and Nikko takes the Best of Opposite honor!! Also, Luna is awarded Best of Opposite Sex
at today's big show!

Katahdin German Shorthaired Pointer Club Supported Entry
Miss Megan shines and shows to perfection - earning Best GSP!! Congrats to Billy and Margaret, CRK GSP's, on
Megan's nice Best of Breed honor today!!

March 14, 2009:     Katahdin German Shorthaired Pointer Club Supported Entry
It's official!!! Parker puts a smile on so many faces around the county after he is awared Winners Dog, for a
FOUR-POINT MAJOR to complete his Championship!!! Parker is the third new Champion this year!! Yay!!
Many thanks to Judge Betsy Yates for this wonderful honor, and to David and Robin Young,
DNR GSP's, for
entrusting me with Pork Chop!!!

Vizsla Club of Central New England Supported Entry
Luna the Tuna is awarded Best of Opposite Sex today under Breeder/Judge Richard Hilderman, Foxsea
And, littermates Lily and Nikko play together in Sweepstakes and win Best of Opposite Sex and
Best in Sweepstakes!!!

North of our boarder, baby-brother Rhys puts himself on the board after winning the Puppy Sporting Group
in Canada!!

March 8, 2009:    Megan makes her mark today in the GSP ring and is selected for Best of Breed under
Judge Sam Houston McDonald! Way to go Meg-Meg!

March 1, 2009:    Panda makes a clean sweep, two weekends in a row, today garnering Winners Bitch and
Best of Winners
at the Kennel Club of Northern New Jersey!
April 2009:
April 29, 2009:     We are very pleased to welcome (back) Sophie ... now a permanent member of our
KaraJen family!

April 26, 2009:      Luna makes a clean weekend sweep! Battling the 99 degree weather, Luna heats it up on
her own - earning
Best of Breed and a Sporting Group Four at the Penn Treaty Kennel Club, under Judge
Nikki Riggsbie! Go Tuna!

April 25, 2009:     We are very proud to introduce yet another New Champion for 2009 ... Champion
Vladobor Valerian!!
The lovely young Black Russian, Brody, completed his Championship today, earning his
THIRD major under Judge Patricia Mowbray-Morgan! Many thanks to Brody's team, Judith, Libby and Ira for
the opportunity to present this lovely boy! In Vizsla News, Miss
Luna takes her game to Blue Hen territory and
scores a
Best of Breed honor under Judge Peter Baynes at the Wilmington Kennel Club show!!

April 19, 2009:    The Lovely Luna makes her mark today and shines in the eyes of Judge LaMar Mathis!
Luna is selected as today's BEST Vizsla at the South Windsor Kennel Club! Also in today's News, we are proud
to present
Ch. Brazenrock Causin' A Commotion, JH!! Cayanne completed her Junior Hunter Title
today with her fourth consective pass at the Pointer Club of Central New Jersey hunt test!!!

April 18, 2009:   The Handsome Puppy does it again - Not "On The Eighth Day" but rather "On The Eighteenth
!!" Topping his previous day's performance, Nikko earns Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and BEST
F BREED over NINE Specials!! Thank you to Judge Arley Hussin for this wonderful honor, and
Congratulations to
Nikko's amazing handler, Corinne Russo!!

April 17, 2009:    Baby Nikko travels North and gaits his way to Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best
under Judge Patricia Hess!! He then advances onto the Puppy Group where he garners a Puppy
Sporting Group Two!!

April 12, 2009:   Happy Easter!! Luna struts her stuff among a group of very competitive Vizsla specials
and is selected as
Best of Breed under Judge Thora Brown!! She then makes the Judge's cut in a very tough
Sporting Group!

April 4, 2009:  Cayanne runs her heart out again, earning her third consecutive Junior Hunter Leg today
at the Nutmeg Weimaraner Club!!!
May 2009:
May 22, 2009:     Luna garners another Best of Breed honor under Judge Sheila DiNardo at the Staten
Island Kennel Club!

May 17, 2009:     Long Island Vizsla Club Supported Entry
Luna shines among the competition and is selected as the Best Vizsla at today's Supported Entry!

May 16, 2009:     It's Ladies' Day on Long Island! Luna and Team celebrate a Best of Breed and a Sporting
Group Three
with Lady-Judge Judith Goodin!

May 6, 2009:     They are here!!! Hank's TEAM arrives on FLIGHT 5609!! Laurel and Hank are the
proud first-time parents of seven beautiful babies - five boys and two girls! Check out the
Puppies page for

May 2, 2009:    Debuting as a special, Brody the BRT is awarded Best of Breed at the prestigious Bucks
County Kennel Club under Judge Gary Bassett!!
Remington also brings home the Purple - a solid Purple -
Winners Dog under Breeder/Judge Susan Petermann!
June 2009:
June 20, 2009:    Sleepy Hollow German Shorthair Club Specialty
Proudly introducing NEW Champion Springrun DNR It Don't Come Easy! Panda completed her
Championship today earning
Winners Bitch and Best of Winners under Specialty Judge Charlie Olvis!!
Congrats to Robin and David Young,
DNR GSP's, on their first home-bred Champion!

June 7, 2009:    Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Supported Entry
Nikko makes a clean "sweep" at CVVC! Team Nikko & Corinne capture many top honors today including Best
Puppy in Sweepstakes
and Grand Sweepstakes Winner under Breeder/Judge Judy Saddlemire, Kezdet
! They are then awarded Reserve Winners Dog under fellow Breeder/Judge Britt Jung, Brittania
! And finally, Nikko serves as a pinch hitter in the Juniors ring and along with teammate Corinne, the pair
is awarded the
Best Junior award!! What a day for the Super Pup and his talented owner Corinne!!

June 6, 2009:     Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club Specialty
Nikko struts his handsome-stuff around the ring and gaits away with the Best Puppy in Sweepstakes award
Breeder/Judge Sarah Barr, Derby Vizslas! And, Panda is in the Winners Circle again with her loyal Judge
Richard Powell, earning
Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a MAJOR!!
July 2009:
July 26, 2009:     It's a three-peat!!! Three days. Three shows. Three FIVE POINT MAJORS!!
Proudly introducing Rowdy's first CHAMPION, Ch. Tivoliz Colosseum Contender!! Jack makes a
clean sweep in South Carolina this weekend, garnering three back-to-back-to-back majors to complete his
Championship!! Many congrats and thanks to breeder/co-owner/handler, Debbie Stern, Tivoliz Vizlsas, and to

proud parents Jay and Carolina Heavner on an undeniably excellent weekend!!

July 25, 2009:     "Just Jack" does it again!! Two for two in South Carolina!! Jack earns his SECOND
in "just" two days!!

July 24, 2009:     Rowdy's son, Jack, earns his first set of points in a MAJOR way!! Jack is deemed
Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Spartanburg Kennel Club for a FIVE POINT MAJOR!!!

July 3, 2009:    
Luna wins Best of Breed today at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club!
August 2009:
August 29, 2009:  Luna the Tuna is awarded Best of Breed today at the Newton Kennel Club under Judge
Howard Yost!

August 28, 2009:   Remi works his way from the field back into the Winners Circle and adds another two
points to his collection today by going
Winners Dog and Best of Winners at the Newton Kennel Club!!
September 2009:
September 6, 2009:     Vizsla Club of Greater New York Specialty
What a Day at Westchester!!! Nikko hits off the morning with another Best in Sweepstakes honor,
among a field of 22 other Sweepstakes competitors!! Way to GO
Nikko and Corinne!!! Then, it was Lenny's
time to shine... Showing his heart out,
Lenny is selected for Winners Dog, and a FOUR-POINT MAJOR to
complete his Championship!! Congratulations to proud owner Dave Margolin!! On to the Bred-By Class,
showed like a true super-star and captured the big
BLUE Rosette!! In the Best of Breed competition, the Best
Vizsla award was garnered by
Miss Luna, now MULTI-Best in Specialty Show Winning Ch. Artisan's
Moonstruck Beauty!!
Luna (and company) flew from the breed ring into the Sporting Group where they were
cheered on by the enthusiastic crowd...
Luna was presented with a Sporting Group Four honor from Judge
Thomas Bradley III!! Congratulations to
Team Tuna - Linda, Joan, John & Mark on a Tuna-rrific day!!

September 5, 2009:   Vizsla Club of Northern NJ / Eastern German Shorthair Pointer Club
Nikko starts off the day with a Sweepstakes honor, under Breeder/Judge Cindy Hibler, Masha's Vizslas!! Pip
follows up with his
THIRD straight win, and SECOND MAJOR in two days to complete his Championship!!!
Congratulations to Steve Shlyen and Stan Miller,
Rheingold Vizslas, on their newest Champion boy!! Over in the
GSP ring, Jane Handschumaker lends her expertise and handles
Remi to a Best in Sweepstakes honor!!!
Remi then takes on the regular classes and is awarded Reserve Winners Dog under Judge Linda Kelly!

September 4, 2009:    Pip does it again, this time for a MAJOR at the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club under
Breeder/Judge Linda Kelly, Oakleaf Vizslas!!!

September 3, 2009:     Big Apple Sporting Dog Association Specialty
Pip jumps on board and captures Winners Dog and Best of Winners to start off the Specialty weekend!!
Remi struts his stuff in the GSP ring and is selected for Best of Opposite in Puppy Sweepstakes!!
October 2009:
October 31, 2009:     Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty
CLICK to read all about our successes!!   

October 28 - 30, 2009:     Vizsla Club of America National Events
CLICK to read all about our successes!!   
November 2009:
November 21, 2009:     Nikko and Corinne make it three! Nikko earns his *third* major today at the
Windham County Kennel Club under fellow Judge Everett Dean!

November 15, 2009:     Fly does it again! Making his dad proud, Fly continues his ways and earns another
two points today - going
Winners Dog and Best of Winners in North Carolina!

November 8, 2009:     At just six months and two days old, Hank's son, Fly makes his debut in North
Carolina and earns
Winners Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex for his first points!! Way to
Wishing everyone a joyous holiday and a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2010!
Thank you for making 2009 so very memorable!!
December 2009:
December 13, 2009:     To top 2009 off on a high-note, we are proud to introduce our newest Champion,
Ch. Jazzberry On The Eighth Day!!
Nikko and Corinne complete the year with a bang, and Nikko earns
his *
fourth* major today at the Delaware Water Gap Kennel Club!! Many congrats & thanks to this wonderful
team, and to the entire Russo family for their devotion and true friendship!! We are SO proud of both of you!!
Thank you to Debbie Baker and Donna Yakel,
Jazzberry Vizslas, for making all of this possible!! Merry
Christmas to all, and God Bless!!
2009 - A Year In Review
With another year passed, we had set out to accomplish but a few goals in 2009. We did just that, and more!
Cayanne and Hank completed their Championships in Grand Style, both finishing with multiple major wins
earned at Specialty & Supported Entry shows... Additionally,
Cayanne proved that pretty can hunt and earned
her Junior Hunter title in a breeze... She finished up her year with an impressive Judge's Award of Merit at the
2009 VCA National over several hundred competitors.
Cayanne was beautifully handled to this honor by the
talented, young Miss Corinne Russo...
Hank became KaraJen's First Home-Bred Champion, and also
became the proud father of fourteen babies along with Mommies
Laurel & Tonna...
Nikko and Corinne began - and beyond our wildest dreams - completed their quest towards Nikko's
Championship, garnering multiple Best in Sweepstakes honors and four majors along the way. The team
topped off their year by capturing the award for Best Junior Handler at this year's National...
Lily made select
appearances in the show ring and finalized her year by taking home a bundle of prizes from the VCA National
in North Carolina... We welcomed
Sophie back as a permanent member of our KaraJen Family... Rowdy's
Jack, set out for a weekend of shows down South and came back as a New Champion - in just three day's
Remi began his show dog career and acquired multiple points and special achievements along the
way... We had the opportunity to share in the successes of many other New Champions this year;
Parker, Brody, Lenny & Pip, in addition to Specialty Winners & Group Placers; Luna & Megan.
The Game Plan for 2010, You Ask?
Lily will continue to work towards her Championship, making appearances on special occasions... Sophie and
Cayanne will compete as the "special" girls that they are, and will have the honor of showcasing themselves
at Westminster... We are excited to watch
Hank and Rowdy's children grow and begin their bright future
endeavors...We hope to hear the pitter-patter of baby feet, and have A LOT more to look forward to!
Stay tuned for updates!