Brazenrock's Hannah Faydrah's Angel
By Ch. KaraJen's Put Me In, Coach, CGC CA ROM &
Am/Intl. Ch. Brazenrock Vidam Tars Vadasz, JH ROM
Date of Birth: October 17, 2009
Registration Number: SR5947360*
Breeder: Dianne Kramlich,
Brazenrock Vizslas, Chris Frazier & Judy Johnson
Owners: Stacey, Roland, Aiden, Madden, Camryn & Deja Concepcion
OFA: Too Young
Hank's Daughter
Hannah & Aiden
Hannah & Deja
Hannah & Madden - Best Buddies!
"Hmmm... I wonder what Santa brought for me!"
Hannah & Aiden on the way home from the airport...
Both exhausted from excitement!
Hannah & Aiden on their ride home from the airport!
Hannah's first Christmas with best girlfriend, Deja