DOB: February 16, 2006
Registration Number: SR33250102
By Ch. Bayview N' Tivoliz CPR CRK Ben, JH, ROM and Ch. Driftwood's Jumpin Jenna Bean,
Breeders: Karen and Jenna Iacobellis,
KaraJen Vizslas and Janice Milnes, Driftwood Vizslas
Owned and Loved By: The Kraus Family
Gwen, Paul, Riley, Frankie, Evan and Charlie
(and Squeekie the guinea pig and Rascal the cat too!!)
Nap Time ...
More Nap Time ...
And a little more ...
"Boy, these Kraus boys sure know how to play!!"
Ahoy Mate!!!
The Kraus boys - and their newest family member
KaraJen's Foot Loose N' Fancy Free
Jenna's Son