KaraJen's Corona Solar Flair
By BISS Ch. Tivoliz CC Priority and Bayview's Girls' Night Out, JH
Date of Birth: October 4, 2006
Registration Number:  SR38260906
Breeders: Karen Iacobellis, Jenna Iacobellis & Fred Sapp,
Myztic Vizslas
Owned By:  Chris, Gail, Nick, Katie and Kiwi Bassolino
& Karen and Jenna Iacobellis,
KaraJen Vizslas
DNA:  V634598
OFA:  VZ-12138E53M-VPI
Cory and Uncle Freddy
"Mmmm.... I LOVE prosciutto!!"
Love Nibbles...
This is his way of begging
(we have NO clue where he learned this!! Maybe watching and episode of  Mr. Ed??!!)
Kiwi and Baby Cory
Hannah's Son
Meet Cory's Children:
Mother Lucy: